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YouTube is the number one place for creating video content, with can be an incredibly powerful social media marketing tool. Many businesses try to create video content with the aim of having their video “go viral,” but in reality those chances are pretty slim. Instead, focus on creating useful, instructive “how-to” videos. These how-to videos also have the added benefit of ranking on the video search results of Google, so don't under-estimate the power of video content!. Social media platforms like Yelp, FourSquare, and Level Up are great for brick and mortar businesses looking to implement marketing social media. Register on these sites to claim your location spot, and then consider extra incentives such as check-in rewards or special discounts. Remember, these visitors will have their phones in hand so they will have access to providing reviews which could hurt or significantly aid your users. 

Although according to lore YouTube was created as a dating site, it has evolved into much more. Here’s a fun fact. According to, YouTube was created when one founder, Jawed Karim, unsuccessfully searched for footage of Janet Jackson’s now famous “wardrobe malfunction, and when he and his two friends Chad Hurley and Steven Chen realized they could not share videos through email because of attachment limitations. The three realized the missing link for sharing and sending videos, and YouTube was born. 

You Tube isn’t just a video platform, it is also a social network. Because of YouTube’s easy to use format, messages are spread quickly and efficiently across a variety of mediums including Facebook and Twitter, embedded in websites, and via email. You can easily add a YouTube video to your website or your Facebook account, and the end user does not need any special viewer like Windows Media Player or Quick Time to view it. 

Search engines can see that you have a video, but they can’t determine the content. To make sure people are finding your channel you must tag your videos and your channel, properly describe your channel, and pay close attention to video titles. If you allow embedding people will be able to spread your message for you without you having to do anything! Cross connect your YouTube channel to your other social media accounts and to your website to encourage sharing, and remind people to subscribe to your channel so they won’t miss important updates. 

There you have it. This is really just the beginning of using YouTube for marketing! Do some research to see how other agencies are using the platform to engage, and use those ideas as a jumping off point for your channel.